Sunday, 31 August 2014

The Best Moments At School

Okay so the new school year is very close. We're in the home stretch, only days left. Yes that's depressing to some. So today I've decided to talk about the good moments in school. All the stuff that makes every students day. So let's get started.

#1 The Substitute Teacher
There is nothing better than the feeling of walking into a class and there being a substitute. Unless its one of your favorite classes like an elective and they just butcher the class. Trust me that's happened before and its not fun. Anyways, everyone loves when a substitute is in the class. They never know what's going on or the class rules, so usually people can get away with a lot. Unless they're strict. Then it's just never fun n at all. But when you get the laid back sub that gives you basically free time to socialize that class turns into one of the best classes of day.

#2 Field Trips
Field trips are probably one of my favorite things about school. I don't know why but being able to get out of a class too and actually seeing something up close is just better to me. Yes sometimes the field trips aren't fun or really boring. But sometimes they can actually be fun. Besides half the fun is when you're on the bus you have lots of time to socialize with your friends or listen to music, maybe catch up on some gossip. You have to admit it's better than just sitting in a class with a another boring talk about something, because let's admit we've all had those classes where we can't wake up. So to me filed trips are one of the best things.

#3 Fire Drills
Okay, to some this may not be a big deal, or you may be thinking: how are fire drills a good thing?  Well at my school for some reason the fire alarm seems to go off at just the right time. We've had the alarm go off during our exams for the past 3 years. I have no idea why but it always seems to happen. The only complaint is during the winter semester when its 30 below and you freeze. But at least you have time to talk to people about your exam. Fire drills are also good when you're in the middle of a lesson that's either  boring or you r falling asleep. Now I'm not saying fire drills are only good for those reasons. I know that they are important and that they are for our safety. But you have to admit you felt that little bit of happiness when you know it's a drill and you get out of class.

#4 Early Dismissal
I like everyone else love early dismissals. They make my day sometimes. My school used to have this thing where you get out a half hour earlier on the first Monday of every month. Which was awesome. The whole day was shifted and we'd have shorter classes. But this year they got rid of them, saying they interrupted the students learning. It was one day a month everyone looked forward to and they got rid of it. But there are some times other early dismissals. Like a teacher lets you out early for lunch, or everyone's done everything and you get out early at the end of the day. Either way everyone loves early dismissals, it gives you a few extra moments of freedom.

#5 Movies
Okay class today we are going to be watching a movie.... whole class silently cheers. Movies in class may be one of the best things. I love watching movies in class. Especially when its an actual good movie. I remember one year in English class watching She's The Man. Best 2 classes of my English semester. We  had no work to do but watch the movie. It was great.

#6 The Teacher Wasting Time
Now the teacher wasting time is always a nice little surprise. Either they rant on and on about their life and the things going on in it. Then the class plays therapist and is like tell me more. Tell me more so we don't have to do this lecture you had planed. Or it could be the teacher doesn't know how to set up tech stuff or they forgot something and they leave the room. Its awesome because you get a little bit a freedom till they get back. But if you had a class that i had one year we would usually end up getting in trouble because we would mess around and be super loud while our teacher was gone. Bur hey we've all done it at one point. Don't lie.

Okay so there are a few of the good things that happen while you're in school. I know schools just a few days a way and you don't want to be thinking about it. But think about the good little surprises that will make your day when they happen, like a sub. Or an early dismissal, maybe a field trip. Either way school is close we cant change that.

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