Thursday, 14 August 2014

Different Types of People at School on the First Day

Okay so as we all know back to school season is here.Which means shopping for school supplies, clothes, the perfect out fit for the first day back, finding out what classes your friends are in, the list goes on. I know a lot of people at this time of year do whole posts on clothes and school supplies, so I thought I'd do something a little different. So today I'm going to be talking about the different types of people at school on the first day. So lets get started. :)

#1 The New Bees

Okay so we all know who these people are. They are either the people who just moved to your town and stated going to your school this year. Or they are the freshmen just entering your school. Either way they have no idea what to do, where to go, anything. Yes we were all new bees at one point in our lives. I remember my first day of high school and how disastrous that was. I remember being so excited to be there like OMG I'm finally in high school! This is awesome! Which it was. Until it came time to finding my first class. My school has 2 levels and is rather confusing if you don't how to get upstairs. Which for lucky me my first class was science on the second level. I know how lame that sounds but the way my school is laid out they have these doors that lead out side - shocker - but they have an alcove. and some have stairs which lead you upstairs, but some are just and alcove that lead no where but outside. The amount of doors that just lead you outside is crazy. Anyways I kept coming to these alcoves that lead no where. I had no idea how to get upstairs. Eventually I gave up and just ask some people. I ended up finding my class, but I never felt like more of a new bee than that moment. I have sympathy for new bees that get lost or have no idea what they're doing. But only for a short time and as long as they're not rude. Which brings me to my next category.

#2 The Obnoxiously Rude People

These are the people who decide they're gunna make your day horrible. If you're a new be they tend to go after you and mock you for being new in any way possible. Or they could be the people who think they rule the school. They stand in the middle of the hallway on both sides so you don't have a hope of squeezing through the groups. So in your attempt to get through you look like your being rude when you push through. Not gunna lie I've been on both ends of that. Standing with a group of people taking up the entire hallway and being the one who pushes by. I know not everyone who stands in the middle of the hallway is trying to be rude. But guess what,  the way you are perceived by people trying to get to their class is rude. These people could also be the ones who stand off to the side and mock you as you walk by. I don't know why but obnoxiously rude people just try to make your day hell, whether it's the first day or not.

#3 The Princess for a Day 

These are the girls and sometimes guys who have their outfit planed out for the first day in advanced by like 2 weeks. They wake up early and do everything possible to look their absolute best. They'll have their nails done, hair perfected, make up done, an outfit that's stunning and brand new everything. They usually look amazing on the first day, but on the second day or after the first week they're wearing track pants no make up and no style. They're the ones who want to look amazing on the first day and make an impression, but then they realize its the same old people you've known forever and then give up trying to look good, because they don't care about how they look to you. they be themselves.

#4 The Scream-er

These are usually the girls who run up yelling to their girl friends and are like AHHHH!!! OMG! I haven't seen you in forever! How was your summer? What did you do? To me and all other people around you, you just burst our ear drums. Thank you not like I need my ears at all. There is no reason to be screeching or screaming when you see someone you know. If you haven't seen them all summer are you really that good or friends? Like unless my friends or I am traveling I make sure I see them at least once every week. On top of that I'm talking to them almost every day. So stop screaming every time you see some one you know. You could casually just go Hey. Anything other than screaming, because all the people around you now hate you for screaming. Unless you or someone is dieing, or there's a fire I really don't want to be walking down the hall and hearing screeches every 5 minutes because you see someone you know.

#5 The MIA's 

These are the people who don't show up on the first day of school. If you've never been in a class like that where someone doesn't show up the first day than that's amazing. At least one class every semester on the first day in at least one of my classes someone is MIA. Like where are you? Did you not get the memo that school started today and you're suppose to be in this class. Now they could be late or they could be a new bee. But in all my experiences they usually aren't. Sometimes they are but they aren't usually. I don't know what you're trying to accomplish by not showing up the first day of school, at least show up the first day and if you want skip the second day. (I don't support skipping. Stay in school kids)

Okay, so there's just a few of the different types of people on the first day of school. If I missed anyone comment and let me know. I might make a part 2. :) Also let me know if you are one of the types of people above. Cause hey, we all are at one point in our life. Anyways see you next time. bye.

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