Saturday, 23 August 2014

Different Types of People You Meet in Life

In your life time you come across a lot of different people. Sometimes they're good people and they're around for a while, but sometimes they are nothing but a menace to you and hopefully aren't around for long. Today I'm going to be talking about the different types of people you meet in your life. I'm going be focusing on three different types for now, but there will be a part two eventually. So no matter who you are, or where you are in your life eventually you will come across all of these types of people. So let's get started.

#1 The Back Stabbers

I think anyone who's encountered a back stabber was friends with them at one point. These are some of the worst people I've ever known. I will admit I've been friends with some back stabbers. -Not fun times- At one point you were the people I trusted with stuff  and you turned around and did the worst things possible. To you people I say why? What would make you want to back stab a person who called you friend? Do you think it's going to make you more popular or were you pressured to do it? It's people like you that make it hard to trust others, because of you anyone who you back stabbed will never trust you again. You broke a friendship, and most likely lost a friend. I don't know why people like to back stab or throw others under the bus, I don't see what it accomplishes for you. You know what else, to all you people who have ever back stabbed or spread stuff around about a person you want to know what you look like to other people? You look like an ass. - Not gunna lie- To the by standers and the people you throw under the bus you suck. No one will trust you or want to tell you anything personal because what if they're your next victim of back stabbing? No one likes a back stabber.I'm sure everyone has encountered this type of person. If you have you know the feeling of betrayal and trust that's been broken. But trust me you are not the only one. Eventually this happens to all of us at one point. maybe on a small scale or maybe something that changes your life forever. What ever it is eventually we all get back stabbed. All that matters is how you deal with it. If this person is someone you held close cut them loose, say goodbye. You don't want this person in your life they're nothing but toxic to you. Surround yourself with the friends that wont break your trust.  Yes it maybe hard especially if you've been friends for a while, I know. But trust me it's worth it. 

#2 The Judges

I kind of covered this in my last post: Rant: Judgmental Society and Babysitters. But I'm going to cover it a little bit more right now. Let's face it we all hate critics and judges. They judge every little thing you do and every flaw you have. They are the people who nit pick at everything and can tear you apart. I will admit everyone is judgmental in their life time. I've been judgmental I will admit it, and if you say you have never judge anyone or anything then you're in denial. No matter who you are or what you do you have judged someone at some point in your life. Don't lie, we've all done it we all do it. It's part of human nature. But it's the people who are constantly judging and picking you apart that I hate. The people who publicly pick you apart, and make snap judgments at you. No matter what you do there will always b critics that hate on you. There are probably people reading this right now that are judging and hating on me. But guess what? To you people who hate find a different hobby. You hate what I write don't read it. You hate who I am we don't have to be friends. Judge me all you want I'm not changing for you. If you just hate on people all your life you'll never find the good and happiness you want. You'll be bitter and that's no way to live your life. I know that in society we can't stop judging one another. But I'm asking on be half of everyone, keep your comments to yourself. No one wants to hear you judging and picking apart anyone. If you do then get a new hobby.

#3 The Invisible

These people are often the most interesting people you will encounter. The invisible are people you meet on the street or in class or in your work that are invisible. They can be silent and keep to themselves. Sit in the back of the class and if they're away they wont be missed by many. They can be the people who keep their heads down as they walk through the streets. They are the people you wont really remember or sometimes not even acknowledge. They blend in with everyone and don't immediately stand out as anyone special. They are just another face in the crowd. Yet you start talking to them and they can be one of the most incredible people you will ever know. I know some people like this. They're quiet and sometimes shy, yet once you get to know them they are some of the best people to know.  These are the people who can go through life and never be acknowledged or remembered, but can be the very person that can be the most unique and interesting. 

These are three of the many different types of people you meet in your life time. If you meet the judges or the back stabbers, cut those people out of your life as quick as you can. If you come across an invisible start up a conversation, you never know were it may go. I hope you enjoyed today's post. There will be a part two that will come in the future, so if you enjoyed this post keep a look out for next part. 

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  1. Does that mean that people who are louder and outgoing, must either be backstabbers or judgers? -Curious