Sunday, 26 January 2014

Orphan Black In Style

Orphan Black is a Canadian hit series that is on a quick rise to fame. It started out on Space channel in Canada and BBC America in the USA. Tatiana Maslany is the actress that brings this series to life. she is very diverse in her acting and brings a different energy forward for each character. Due to the wide range of personalities she has been able to change her personality quickly and some times you don't believe it could be the same person. For those of you who haven't heard of the show or aren't sure what the series is exactly about I'll tell you. 

Orphan Black is a science fiction story on human cloning. It's main character Sarah Manning witnesses a women looking exactly like her committing suicide. Sarah being herself steals the purse the women left behind in n attempt to make some quick cash. But when she looks at the identity of the women who died she finds her name to be Elizabeth (Beth) Childs. In attempt to con even more off of Beth, Sarah finds where she lives to try and see what else she can take. But Sarah ends up getting more than she could ever anticipated. She becomes tangled up in an unraveling of the mystery of clones. With people trying to kill them off, and a crazy clone who thinks she and Sarah are connected in some way. On top of it all she's trying to keep her daughter safe from her now hectic life. 

Orphan Black is a crazy weird and exciting TV series. You never know whats going to happen or who's connected to who. It keeps you thinking and trying to figure out what will happen next. Its a series I have been a fan of since the beginning and I`ll be one till the end. So today I thought I`d share some outfits inspired but $ of the main characters. 

Sarah has a gothic, punk, edgy style. When she is being her self and not impersonating Beth she tends to where a lot of black and darker colors. Sarah will wear leather, and black boots with the odd colored top. She would be the edgy one of all the clones. The outfit above is inspired by when you first see Sarah in the pilot episode. 

Helena is the kind of crazy one of the clones. She hasn`t really had the best life and you wont see her in any extravagant outfits. Most of the time you see her she is wearing a white tank top and ripped jeans. She wears a rather simple black boot, and when she does appear in out side scenes she is wearing a big parka in army green. Her outfit is simple and would would be good for a relaxing day that you don`t really wanna dress up. The parka can be replaced with a number of other items you would want to wear. It is completely up to you.

Alison is a suburban mom. She has the typical life you would expect, the perfect family the perfect life, the daily stuff you would expect. But she is two faced she is trying to keep her family safe as well and make sure they know nothing about the clones. Her style is a conservative, soccer mom style. The outfit is inspired by one of the first few times you see Alison in the series. 

Cosima style is similar to Sarah`s. She has the edgy vibe but adds a little more girly edgy vibe to her wardrobe. She is the brains behind trying to figure out the reason for the clones. This outfit is inspired by a mid season appearance, while she`s doing research in a library.

The outfits are just samples of what the characters wear. If any of them inspired you or you like the look add your own spin to it to make it your own, and of course have fun creating your own style!!

If your interested in the series and wanna get caught up Space has the episodes. But there`s no need to rush watching them because, the second season is set to hit the air April !9th 2014 at 9 p.m. 

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