Saturday, 25 January 2014

Nail Polish Review: Copperhead and Lava

I love nail polish. Its my obsession to have different colors, to do some unique design to my nails to stand out, or just to look awesome. Anyone who knows me personally knows I'm always looking for new colors and designs to put on my nails. So recently when I was walking through the nail polish isle at Target I came across a huge clearance section. I was in heaven. There were so many colors, stickers, tools, I probably spent a good half hour going through it. But if you wanna see the haul it will be in a different post.

What i really wanted to talk about are the two nail polishes I'm loving right now. They're both by Sally Hansen from the same collection. Lava and Copperhead. Both are amazing colors but for different reasons.


Lava I love! It reminds me of fire on your nails. For any of you who love the Hunger Games this would be the perfect polish for you. It looks red but i assure you it shimmers orange and yellow/gold too. It's one I've got a lot a compliment on and asking where I got. This polish also looks good in any light and will change and shine different colors too. It's defiantly one you could sit and look at for a while. 


I love Copperhead because it's a color you wont see to often. It goes on a coppery brown color, but if you move your hand around and you can see different blues and greens.Kinda like a copper roof or penny does after awhile turns to blue and green color. It may not be a color for all people but if you're adventurous with your nail polish or want something different this color is it. It will look good and be different.

So I know it's been all positive with this nail polish but to every positive there is a negative. When I put the colors on my nails it was very thin. It took about 3 coats maybe 4 to get the full effect that I wanted from it. 3 coats would look good and show it off nicely but I can be picky about my nail polish so i put 4 on. Also if your impatient or don't have the time to sit and wait for paint to dry I wouldn't go for these. I took me a while to wait and let them dry they stayed soft dry stage in drying. So I ended up putting them under cold water to help dry them. In all I think it took about 15 to 20 minutes of doing my nails, including the painting and drying. I do really like these colors and if you have the time defiantly try these out but it does go on thin and takes a while to dry.

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  1. Heyy awesome post sarah :D this is a perfect start to your blog! I'm looking forward to more ;)